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Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these regulations is to define the matters concerning the review of the papers that have been accepted for publication in Transactions of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers (hereinafter referred to as "Trans. KSAE") and the International Journal of Automotive Technology (hereinafter referred to as "IJAT") in accordance with Article 39 of The Korean Society of Automotive Engineers (hereinafter referred to as "society") Articles of Association and Article 2 of Operating Regulations of the Editorial Board.

Article 2 (Reviewers)

  • ① The reviewers shall be recommended by the Editors for the Trans. KSAE and IJAT (hereinafter referred to as "Editors"), and appointed by the Editor-in-Chief for the Trans. KSAE and IJAT (hereinafter referred to as "Editor-in-Chief"), respectively.
  • ② The reviewers shall review the papers according to their conscience and research ethics.

Article 3 (Review Procedure)

  • ① The date of submission of the papers shall be the date on which the society secretariat accepts the papers after the contributor has submitted the papers to the online paper submission and review system.
  • ② Trans. KSAE and IJAT submitted to society must go through a peer review by the experts in the respective field.
  • ③ To review the papers accepted through the online paper submission and review system of Trans. KSAE and IJAT, the Editors shall be selected by the Editor-in-Chief, and the selected the Editors shall select two relevant experts as the reviewers.
  • ④ The reviewers shall not be selected from among those who belong to the same institution as the contributor of the papers.

Article 4 (Making Decisions on Acceptance of Papers)

  • ① The papers can be accepted when the two assigned the reviewers reach an agreement.
  • ② If the reviewers do not agree on the decision made on a paper, the Editors may make an accept decision, or a third reviewer may be selected once for the purpose of reviewing the papers.
  • ③ The Editor-in-Chief may choose not to select the Editors if the submitted the papers are judged as unsuitable, and the Editors may also choose not to select the reviewers if they deem the submitted the papers as unacceptable, and may make a reject decision.
  • ④ The Editor-in-Chief, the Editors, and the reviewers must have a reasonable rationale behind their decision.

Article 5 (Confidentiality)

  • ① The list of the Editors and the reviewers responsible for reviewing the papers shall not be publicly disclosed, while the authors' names may be disclosed to the reviewers.
  • ② The contents of the review shall not be disclosed to anyone, except the author.

Article 6 (Exchange of Opinions)

  • ① Under the arrangement by the Editor-in-Chief, reviewers and authors can exchange opinions.
  • ② An author's request for reconsideration shall not be accepted in principle.

Article 7 (Review Period)

  • ① If, within 10 days of requesting the reviewers to conduct a review, the Editors do not receive a response from the selected the reviewers, they shall select alternative reviewers.
  • ② The reviewers commissioned for reviewing the papers shall complete their review within 30 days after they have accepted to conduct such a review. If their review is not completed within the given period, the Editors shall select alternative reviewers.
  • ③ The Editor-in-Chief, who is responsible for the management of the papers to which the Editors are assigned to review, shall encourage the Editors to select the reviewers within the prescribed period.
  • ④ The Editors shall be responsible for the review and accept or reject of the papers assigned by the Editor-in-Chief, and shall encourage the reviewers to complete their review within the prescribed period.
  • Article 8. (Review Fee)

    If necessary, the Editors may be paid a specified editing fee, and the reviewers may be paid a specified review fee.

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